How to Craft a Holistic, Informed Commmunications Strategy

We’re trying to reach everybody.

We have 37 core messages.

Hell, let’s just send another email.

If you’ve ever heard these phrases come up in meetings — or uttered them yourself — then it’s time to talk about defining your audience and finding the right ways to reach them.

I’d like to suggest a session on how you can develop a comprehensive communications strategy for your organization, no matter its mission, size, or budget. In it, we could cover how to:

  • refine and select your top message(s);
  • identify the specific audience(s) that will help you achieve your good work;
  • determine the best channels for reaching said audience(s);
  • develop your content based on research rather than the old “throw spaghetti at the wall” approach;
  • get the key content developers in your organization talking and working together;
  • and stay sane while doing it.

I’m happy to share insights from my day job as the associate director for digital content at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We’ve been turning our ship, so to speak, for the last couple of years and redeveloping our content to support our cause marketing goals. We are also working with much more specific marketing personas, which you can read about in the Field Guide to Local Preservationists. So I can share some of what we’ve learned, but I’d also love to hear from the wider group about what’s working for you (or not).

What say you all? What other discussion points would help you with your current responsibilites, or help guide your organization toward clearer audience outreach and communication?

P.S. I’ll be doing a short workshop session in the afternoon on how to share content info both within and out of your organization, create useful editorial calendars, and systematize content production to help you get more done, faster. So if you’re interested in that, a session on holistic communications could be a great tee-up!

About Julia Rocchi

Julia lives and breathes words, from shaping messages for the National Trust brand, to managing the PreservationNation blog, to editing/writing/filming/recording any story she can get her grubby little mitts on. She is all about combining accessible communication, marketing science, and goal-oriented project management for social good. Julia is currently pursuing her MA in Writing at Johns Hopkins University with the goal of becoming a starving artist.
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3 Responses to How to Craft a Holistic, Informed Commmunications Strategy

  1. spchumley says:

    I’m in. How about a discussion on reaching underserved audiences and dealing with changing demographics as well? Is that too much for one discussion?

  2. Hey there! Hmm, interesting facet. That could be a whole discussion unto itself … let’s put it to the masses. Peanut Gallery, who is interested in the topic of underserved audiences/changing demographics (and who could contribute to it)?

  3. Underserved/changing demographics is a concern of mine as well. Part of my session proposal is directed at engaging descendant populations that are different than the current local community, so I see some overlap that would be useful to explore. Great stuff – how do we fit it all in??

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