Digital Storytelling for Small Museums

I would like to propose a session to discuss digital storytelling as an interpretive tool at local historic sites. I am personally involved with a budding digital project at a local site and am particularly interested in covering issues such as implementing digital media with limited resources, project sustainability, institutional support, digital media as tool of public engagement, dealing with visitor techno-phobia, and unexpected outcomes.

I am currently working with the curator at the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum (JPPM) in St. Leonard MD, to expand the farming narrative. We are researching the possibility of installing a video booth at the Farm Exhibit, using the Story Booth at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of MD as a model, so that we can collect stories from local residents on their personal recollections and experiences involving the agricultural heritage of Calvert County. Our hope is to make this booth available to visitors for spontaneous use, with an eye towards collecting more extensive oral histories from generations of farmers in the area.

I am reaching out to those of you with experience in the world of digital history, and I would love to address questions I have not asked in this proposal as well. Sub-themes for future sessions could include “Beyond Facebook: Using Digital Media for Public Outreach”, “Engaging Underserved Audiences at State and Local Historic Sites”, “Smart Phone Tours 101″, etc.

Please feel free to provide feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not this sounds like a subject worthy of a session discussion.

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Story Booth “Extraordinary Minds. Extraordinary Stories.”

About Susan Chumley

I have recently retired from the United States Air Force Band and am currently writing my thesis for my Master's in Public History from University of MD Baltimore County. Presently I am working with Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum in St. Leonard, MD to expand the site's interpretation of agriculture at the Park's property as well as within Calvert County.
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  1. I love your ideas here, Susan! I am looking forward to seeing how the session as get scheduled and to seeing the outcomes, especialy from sessions I may be unable to attend.

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